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Town Hall Pack
30 THM Credits

30 THM Credits to your account*.

The Activist Pack
15 THM Credits

15 THM Credits to your account*.

Starter Pack
5 THM Credits

5 THM Credits to your account*.

* All THM credits are valid for 90 days after purchase.

Each postcard we send costs us more than $1.50.
Your purchase helps us cover the costs of postcards, postage, keeping the site running, and allows us to offer the
Pay-It-Forward Pool.

Tiny Hands Mail Pay-It-Forward Pool

Every purchase also adds to the Pay-It-Forward pool.

Tiny Hands Mail runs because you support us. We’ve always needed donor support in order to pay the postage meter and to get your postcards to your representatives. In the past, we never charged a fee for use, but rather, we requested donations from our users. This is a great model which fosters generosity and ensures that anyone, regardless of finances, could send mail to their representatives.

In the past few months, our service has really taken off. This is fantastic for getting voices heard throughout Washington and beyond. However, the process of sending postcards isn’t free (and it never has been). Sadly, donations have taken a strong decline in recent months. In order for THM to remain solvent, we have no choice but to implement a model where users will purchase THM credits in order to send postcards. We’ve priced these bundles as low as possible in order to cover our basic operating expenses. Additionally, each “bundle” purchased will donate a postcard to the “Pay-It-Forward Pool”. This pool can be used free of charge by any THM user to send a political postcard. So long as there are enough participants purchasing THM credits, free cards will continue to be available for use (limit 1 per person per day). We ask that if you are using cards from the Pay-It-Forward Pool that you share your card with others on your social media feeds.

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