About Tiny Hands Mail

Let your voice be heard!

Tiny Hands Mail is the passion project of wife and husband team, Mercedes and Christian. Our desire to speak out and be heard, while supporting others in the same quest, led to the creation of this app. We want to make it just a little easier for everyone to be heard by those who represent us so, little by little, we can all make a big difference!

What is Tiny Hands Mail?

Tiny Hands Mail allows you to send Postcards with your thoughts, opinions, praise, and dissatisfaction to Government Officials using just your phone or computer.

How Does Tiny Hands Mail work?

Once you create an account and log-in, we will use your mailing address to find government officials in your area.

  • You choose the official
  • You write a note
  • We'll send a postcard for you
  • Why Use Tiny Hands Mail?

  • Emails are too easy to ignore or delete.
  • Phone calls are great, but you can't make calls anytime or anywhere. Voice mailboxes fill up and politicians are known to leave lines off the hook.
  • Letters take a lot of time to compose and can be delayed because of special screening processes.
  • Postcards are delivered directly to a person's hands. No matter what you are assured Someone had to look at it.
  • Write a Tiny Hands Mail anytime anywhere. We'll take care of the rest!

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