Tiny Hands Mail

Send a Physical Postcard to Politicians, make yourself heard! Share your praise or constructive criticism with Government Officials using only your phone or computer.

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Why Use Tiny Hands Mail?

  • Emails are easy to ignore or delete.
  • Phone calls are great, if you can get through. Voice mailboxes fill up and politicians are known to leave lines off the hook.
  • Letters take a lot of time to compose (and read) and can be delayed because of special screening processes.
  • Postcards are hand-delivered and just the right size!

How Does Tiny Hands Mail work?

  • Create an account, select a government official (we make it easy to find the right one!), then write your message -- we take care of the rest!
  • Try and write something meaningful -- give praise, constructive criticism, or tell a story.
  • Our only request: We won't censor you, but please don't write anything you wouldn't say at Thanksgiving Dinner.

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